Our family bussiness started with my great grandparents who bought the restaurant »Pri Stričku« back in 1940s. Despite being one of the very few buildings around at the time the bussiness was brisk due to all the construction workers who were building Public warehouses across the street starting in 1954.
Three more generations and 60 years later my father Bojan decided it was time to expand our enterprise from gastronomy to accommodation services. Things went quickly from there and we greeted our first guests in 2013 for European Basketball Championship which took place in Slovenia.
Since than we have had the pleasure to host a great many tourists, travelers and bussinessmen and it is our hope to welcome You here one day as well.

Bojan Marincelj

The head of our family, founder and the original mastermind behind our B&B.

Blaž Marincelj

My brother The Cook likes to hang back and not stray a whole lot from the kitchen. Actually it was quite hard to get his photo and we should feel priviliged to have seen it.

MIlan & Minka

My grandparents are grand and old and have been married for 60 years. After spending their lives working hard for their descendants, they now enjoy most the noise of an overcrowded restaurant. You might catch them at breakfast having their usual eggs and beans.

Jan Marincelj