Public transport

If you want to use public transport you have to buy a special card called Urbana. You can only buy it in specialy designated areas which are shown on the map in the file below ( bus lines map). The important thing to know is you have 2 types of Urbana card. You can buy the tourist one which costs 23eur and includes admissons for 15 Ljubljana tourist sights but only 2 bus rides. The second option is you buy an "empty" Urbana card for 2eur which you can than charge for whatever amount you choose. One bus ride costs 1,20eur and is considered to last 1,5 hours. You can change as many buses as you like in that time span.




There is a public bus stand only 50m from our house. Bus numbers that stop at our station »Kodrova« and go to or from city center:  2, 7, 7L, 27, 27K

On the map below are listed all the spots where you can buy urbana card with a red letter U. Also all the bus stands are there.



BUY Urbana card ONLINE or get more info here



The system is called BICIKELJ. Basicaly you take a bike from one set spot and leave it in another. You pay with Urbana card, same as bus rides.

More info about BICIKELJ